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Just a thought
I'd like to use the privilegefullest opportunity that me has, and thank all of the pplz and pplesses, who have been involved in making and/or helping this site to exist so far and are making the effort for it to stay afloat. The same goes for those poor little bastards who might not be aware of their guilt and presence on the crime scene, or who might not have so far yet been notified of their influence. Visitors just love it, I'm getting regular price cheks on viagra, levitra and cialis, so there's gotta be regular visitors!

I'd also like to thank all of you, actual pplz, who come relatively regularly to this site and play our semi-finished game wannabeez. It really means a little bit to us, to some minor extent. We track you daily lives, that's why we know who you are, what your favourite food, color, who boy/girl/hemaphrodite-friend,... is, u're hiding the affair with away from the public eye, and such. Small things do matter,... Ask your ex. =]

Peace, love and unity,


  [2010-12-15] MachineZ demo
Another occurance of the evil voice inside, telling them to upload my unfinished game demo to this fabulous web site. How dare they!!!

Well, 2late to whine now, it's online already, so I hope you enjoy it, and they don't.

  [2010-12-15] BeltStation demo
As you all know by now, it is our honor to present another thingie that has been worked on compulsively for some time now on and off. Mostly off, so the many mes have all decided to release the game as it is into the wild green yonder. Ish. Lacks the head and the tail, but has parts of the body. Some.

BeltStation, the space game-ish demo is only a few clicks, navigation through a maze and a willing donation of about 14 gallons of life liquid away.

See for yourself or the freak might go home preemptively.
  [2010-12-15] Web site update
I'm still fighting through the pains of updating the web site a bit, so practice patience, or else...
  [2010-12-15] Diffylocata update
Since there is a need for it, I've brewn up some cure for your diffylocative compulsion. See for yourself because you don't believe me. Updated and with some new pictures, just for you, just here, in the Diffylocata - find the differences - free to play game.
  [2009-09-28] Diffy update time again
Added new pics of cute fluffy young playfully lazy kittens by Tash.

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MachineZ demo
BeltStation demo
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