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1. No, data loss (in any possible way) is not the site's fault. It happens.
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4. Yes, I know you will do whatever it takes not to share your account data.
5. You cannot get any real money from playing the games on this site. All credits, coins, gold, money, all is virtual on this site.
6. We'll collect some data about the games you play, which you agree with by using this site. It's for game and player statistics. Game scores, earned points or awards, statistics in general and other, email for password changing and verification. Nothing conspiracy-theory-ish.
7. You agree the site may display different peoples content so the site owners or people who make this site to happen or those who operate it or maybe someone else cannot be held responsible for all the content on this site. It is logical to you.
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And last but not least, content on this page, including these lines of Terms Of Use, may change, but only if we, the ppl running this thing, make the changes. You may suggest changes, do not expect them to come true though.

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